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4 Ways Professional Office Cleaning Improves Your Company's Appearance

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Every business and organization wants to make a great impression with new and existing clients. Part of accomplishing this feat is creating and maintaining a space that is representative of your organization — ideally, this space that visually conveys that you are professional, organized, clean, and welcoming. This means that for effective office cleaning, results matter.

Managing or operating a successful organization frequently comes with numerous challenges. However, maintaining a clean and beautiful workspace shouldn’t be one of them. This is where office cleaning services from an experienced green cleaning company can be of use.

A quality full service cleaning company does more than merely wipe down counters and take out the trash. The focus for top-tier cleaning companies is on creating a positive, lasting impression of your organization by helping you maintain a clean, healthy, and safe environment for employees, customers, and every other person who walks through your door.

1. Office Cleaning Helps to Make a Good Impression

Making a good first (and ongoing) impression is imperative when trying to forge a relationship with new clients, partners, vendors, prospective employees, and other stakeholders. If they walk into a space that feels or looks dirty, it will still make a lasting impression — but, it won’t be the kind you’re hoping for. This puts your company’s image — your brand  at stake. After all, who wants to work at or buy from an organization or environment that is unsanitary?

According to an ISSA’s report, “The Value of Clean,” cleanliness was ranked as the top concern for customers when deciding to do business with an establishment. In a survey of 1,000 people, 94% of survey respondents said that they would avoid a business altogether if they had dirty restrooms.

2. Office Cleaning Helps to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Having satisfied customers is a top priority for virtually every business or organization because it can lead to increased revenue (and profits). Studies show that customers across a variety of industries are more likely to bring their repeat business to a place that is clean than one that is dirty.

According to the ISSA report:

“When given the choice, customers would rather do business with companies that are dedicated to a positive image and a clean facility… Studies illustrate that levels of cleanliness are not just important to building occupants and their work productivity, but also factor into customer decision making, which can impact a business’s ability to meet revenue expectations.”

Dirty, soiled, or sticky floors and layers of dust on surfaces convey that your organization does not care enough to clean. If you don’t care enough about your work environment to keep it clean, why should they believe that you care about doing the best work you possibly can for them?

3. Cleaning Services Is in Sync with Your Operations

Although cleaning is necessary for a professional space, many employees and customers don’t want to be inconvenienced by it. Effective cleaning services should align with the flow of your operations to meet the needs of your busy work environment. When employees or customers need to use the restroom during the day, it can be annoying to walk there, only to discover it is closed for cleaning. Or, if your customers need to get to a meeting but can’t reach the elevator because the floors are being cleaned, it can be a significant inconvenience that makes your organization appear disorganized.

When you partner with a professional cleaning services company, you need to find a company that is responsive, provides consistent services, and works to meet your office’s needs and schedule. These companies will handle cleaning tasks in a way that provides a safe and healthy work environment without creating excessive inconvenience for your office.

4. Office Cleaning Helps to Increase Productive Appearance

Another essential “appearance” factor for stakeholders is seeing a bustling work environment where employees are productive and aren’t bogged down by illnesses throughout the year. Having employees work in a dirty and unhealthy environment not only increases absenteeism, but it also can significantly decrease productivity.

As an employer, your organization has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment. When employees are frequently out sick — or, if they show up sick to work and risk infecting others — the resulting absences and “presenteeism” can result in a significant impact to your bottom line. According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “productivity losses from missed work cost employees $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, per year.”

Trust the Pro Clean Difference

Pro Clean is a green cleaning company that has been serving businesses in the Orlando and Tampa areas of central Florida since 1989. As the first company in Florida to achieve ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification — the industry gold standard of the cleaning industry — we are dedicated to providing the best and most environmentally-conscious cleaning services possible to every client.

Following the Operating System 1 (OS1) approach to comprehensive cleaning that cleans with health first in mind, our certified team of cleaning experts leaves you with a disinfected environment that is not only healthy, but also looks, smells, and feels clean because it is clean.

At Pro Clean, our team of cleaning experts can work during business hours, after hours, or whenever is most convenient for your operations. Being a responsive service provider, we are there when you need us.

As a full service cleaning company, the Pro Clean team adheres to environmentally-safe industry practices to reduce the environmental impact of our work. An additional benefit of partnering with us is that we also provide a variety of facility maintenance services. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of making just one call to one vendor, saving you time, money, and frustration by not having to seek quotes for multiple vendors for each function.

Contact Pro Clean today to speak with one of our cleaning and facility maintenance experts about how we can meet your company’s needs or to get a quote.