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Top 5 Facility Maintenance Services You Need to Pay Attention To

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Facility managers who rely only on in-house teams know that there are times when their team’s resources are limited and that they can’t handle the sheer size or number of projects that may arise throughout the week. For managers who don’t have in-house teams, it also means that important facility maintenance tasks that could prevent costly repairs may fall by the wayside and never be completed, leading to big expenses down the line. This means you may find yourself prioritizing which facility maintenance services need to be taken care of first and hoping the ones you don’t get to don’t get any worse.

As a facility maintenance services company, it’s our goal at Pro Clean to provide our readers with the best information and our clients with the best possible services. With this in mind, here are five of the facilitymaintenance services you should keep in mind and be aware of throughout your workday.

5 Facility Maintenance Services to Keep Top of Mind

1. General Handyman Services

Facility maintenance services should be a top priority for every facility manager; poorly maintained buildings and equipment can look and smell bad, as well as function inefficiently. Not staying ahead of facility maintenance issues can impact your bottom line when it comes to increasing repair costs, attracting customers, and renting out facility space to prospective tenants.

However, many in-house facility maintenance teams are overwhelmed with work orders. The good news is that there are many indoor and outdoor repairs that can be made by a general handyman that don’t require highly specialized services or licenses (although some do hold licenses in specific areas of work). Some of these functions can include (but are not limited to):

  • Light plumbing jobs or repairs (such as installing a toilet, swapping out a faucet, etc.)
  • Light electrical work (such as changing out a light fixture)
  • Minor drywall or ceiling repair
  • Furniture assembly
  • Equipment maintenance services

A potential issue with hiring a handyman is that not all of them are insured or bonded to perform work and lack Workers’ Compensation coverage. This is why it is important to ensure that you work with a handyman who has these protections in place.

2. Lighting and Electrical Services

For the types of specialized services that electrical work requires, which can’t be handled by an unlicensed handyman, this is when you want to get a licensed electrician. They are licensed and trained for the types of tasks that are required for the job and can ensure that the completed work meets code requirements. Having these facility maintenance tasks performed by a licensed electrician is especially important should your organization decides to sell the property the future; it saves you the cost of having to retroactively bring the electrical work up to code by doing it right the first time.

3. Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Restoration Services

Another essential element of maintaining the beautiful appearance of your building is taking care of the flooring. Hard flooring, such as marble, tile, polished concrete like travertine, can take an immense beating each day as chairs, high heels, dirt, and other abrasive factors scuff and soil the floors. However, even the worn floors can be transformed through flooring restoration services — facility maintenance services that extend the life of your investment.

Dirt, chips, and cracks in grout — as well as surface scratches on marble, tile, and travertine — can all be repaired and cleaned using industry cleaning methods, restoration techniques, and polishing.

4. Commercial Painting Services

Peeling and cracking paint can make a terrible first impression on customers and prospective employees. It gives the perception that your organization — or you as a facility manager — don’t care enough to maintain the appearance of your building. Another issue with this lack of facility maintenance that it when the protective layers of paint begin to peel, it leaves the building open to the elements (such as the sun, wind, rain, dirt, and sand), which can cause damage and corrosion to your building’s materials.

Partnering with a commercial painting service can take the burden off the shoulders of your in-house facilities maintenance team.

5. Grounds and Landscaping Services

Lawn maintenance and landscaping services are essential for making your facility or business look good and making a positive impression on prospective clients and employees. However, the costs of hiring a team of in-house employees to handle just those functions can be cost-prohibitive.

As someone who lives in Central Florida, we don’t need to remind you that the weather is hot the majority of the year. As such, we’re confident that your facilities maintenance services team doesn’t want to be outside performing lawn maintenance, landscaping, tree trimming, or any of these other specialized services — particularly, not when they have a lot of work orders to handle around your facility.

Partner with a Facility Maintenance Service Company

Having a responsive facility maintenance services provider can mean the difference between a good work week and an expensive repair nightmare. This is why many facility managers turn to a facility maintenance service company, like Pro Clean. Since 1989, Pro Clean has been handling facility maintenance and commercial cleaning services for businesses, organizations, and facility managers throughout Central Florida. When you have an issue, you can reach out to your dedicated area manager and typically will hear back within the hour during the work week.

Partnering with a facility maintenance services provider like Pro Clean helps to lighten the workload on your in-house team, freeing them up to take care of the tasks you need them to handle.

Furthermore, all of our facility maintenance services experts receive safety training to prevent injury. They also are fully insured, licensed in their respective areas, and covered by Workers’ Compensation. This way you have peace of mind in knowing that your organization and facility are protected should something occur on the job.

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