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How to Make the Most of Your Janitorial Service

Pro Clean

Whether you already have a company that you partner with for your janitorial cleaning services or you’re searching for a new one, there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind to get the most out of your relationship and to achieve the best return on your investment.

5 Ways to Get the Best Return on Your Cleaning Investment

1. Develop a Good Relationship with Your Janitorial Service Representative

When you develop a strong working relationship with your janitorial service account representative, you’ll discover that they will be more responsive and reliable. They will go out of their way to help you and accommodate your business’ needs quickly and efficiently. Got a spill or another situation that needs immediate cleaning? Make sure you’re partnered with cleaning experts who are there when you need them.

For our team at Pro Clean, meeting our clients’ needs with the best and most responsive service possible is our top priority. We’re proud to say that our clients would agree: We have a 99.7% quarterly customer retention rate.

2. Ensure Your Janitorial Service Cleans for Health and Not Just Appearance

We wish we could say that all janitorial services clean with the health of your employees and the environment in mind, but after nearly 30 years in the industry, it’s simply not the case. Some companies like to “cut corners” or use ineffective processes or products to the detriment of their clients’ health.

The best janitorial cleaning services are those that put the health of their clients’ employees first in everything they do. This is one of the many benefits of companies that offer genuine green cleaning services. The most value a green cleaning vendor can provide is an improvement in the overall health of your employees. By maintaining a healthy work environment with green cleaning, you can reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity, which benefits your bottom line.

As a provider of green cleaning services, Pro Clean’s green cleaning professionals use tried-and-true green cleaning best practices and closely follow established industry standards. For example, we follow ManageMen’s stringent Operating System 1 (OS1) guidelines, which entail each cleaning professional is trained and certified in a specific area. This means that each team member has the knowledge, tools, and expertise to do the job right the first time and disinfect your work environment.

3. Hire a Janitorial Service That Puts the Safety of Your Employees First

When you hire many janitorial cleaning services, a little-known fact is that they may be taking your payment, but they’re not necessarily doing the work. What some cleaning companies do is hire subcontractors to clean your office or facility. What this means is that you don’t know who you’re letting through your doors. Would you hand your keys over to a random, unvetted stranger? Probably not. But, that’s essentially what you’re doing when the janitorial service you hire subcontracts out their work to a third party.

At Pro Clean, we never work with subcontractors to provide cleaning services. We’re a commercial janitorial services provider that takes pride in ensuring that all of our employees are documented with verified Social Security numbers, and have passed multiple background checks, including a national background search, terrorist watch search, and a sexual predator check. Furthermore, every employee is issued an official uniform and photo ID so our clients never have to guess or worry about who they let through their doors.

4. Partner with a Janitorial Service Provider That Also Is an All-In-One Vendor

If you’re like many of our clients, you want to make your processes and operations more efficient and cost-effective. One way to accomplish both of these goals is to partner with a janitorial service company that also provides both green cleaning and facility maintenance services. Time is money, and when you only have to make one call, one time, to one vendor, it can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

At Pro Clean, our service offerings don’t end at green cleaning. We also provide a litany of facility maintenance services that are performed by our qualified and vetted experts.

5. Ensure Your Janitorial Service Is Up Front and Transparent with You

When it comes to business practices and costs, virtually no one likes surprises. When you receive a quote or estimate of costs, you want to know exactly what you’re paying for and not have to ask questions or guess. This is why it’s essential to know what you want from your janitorial cleaning services company. 

At Pro Clean, we believe in the business approach that promotes honesty and integrity in our interactions with clients. We’re a customer-centric commercial cleaning company that focuses on our customers’ needs. One of our standard practices is to make monthly visits (or, up to weekly visits depending on the complexity) to your facility — not just phone calls — to assess the quality of the work performed by our employees and to ensure that they are following proper green cleaning processes. We will continually communicate with you to ensure you are always informed. Furthermore, our invoices are clear and understandable so that you know what you’re paying for upfront.

As the first company in Florida to receive ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building (GB) certification (with honors!), we are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients. We are proud to serve clients in the greater Orlando and Tampa Bay areas of central Florida and have been doing so since 1989.

Contact Pro Clean’s team of experts today to get a quote for our green cleaning janitorial cleaning services.