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How Often Should a Janitorial Service Clean Your Office?

Pro Clean

You’d be surprised how many people ask us how often is “often enough” when it comes to office cleaning with a janitorial service. A few times a week? Daily? Or, multiple times a day?

When it comes to keeping a clean and healthy work environment in an office building, the truth is that making a decision about how often you clean comes down to a handful of factors. Some of these factors include the age and condition of the building, business type, office appearance, health concerns, frequency in which a specific space (or multiple areas) is used, and if it is a space that is visited by customers.

To figure out the optimal amount of cleaning for your office space, some basic questions you can ask yourself include:

  • How big is your business (in terms of staff using the space)?
  • What type of business do you operate?
  • Is the space an area that customers visit?
  • What are your office’s hours of operation?
  • Is your office a high-traffic facility or low-traffic space?
  • How clean do the office, restrooms, kitchen, and dining areas appear?
  • Are there any specific areas that experience more frequent traffic than others?
  • Have there been any ongoing health issues among your employees?

Cleaning of General Use Spaces, Meeting Rooms & Offices

There are no hard-and-fast rules for general office cleaning in terms of frequency. For most office spaces, a daily office cleaning by janitorial staff will more than suffice. However, this would clearly be different than the needs of a restaurant and medical facility, which would be held to much higher cleanliness and sanitation standards.

In an office, some of the typical day-to-day janitorial services include (but are not limited to):

  • General cleaning of the main office and conference spaces, as well as any bathrooms, dining and kitchen areas;
  • Dusting desks, equipment, shelves, and other surfaces;
  • Emptying garbage and recycle bins and removing trash from the office space; and
  • Vacuuming or mopping floors.

When hiring a general janitorial service versus a full-service cleaning company that performs janitorial duties among their other services, there is a difference in the quality of the work that is provided.

At Pro Clean, we abide by a series of office cleaning best practices. Additionally, as a green full-service cleaning company, we hold ourselves to the highest industry and regulation standards, such as those outlined in:

CIMS and CIMS-GB (green building) are divided into six areas of management best practices:

1. Quality systems

2. Service delivery

3. Human resources

4. Health, safety, and environmental stewardship

5. Management commitment

6. Green Building (for CIMS-GB)

Building cleanliness is important to your business, not only in terms of appearance but also for helping your employees stay healthy and reducing the absenteeism that results from illness.

Cleaning of the Restrooms

The restrooms are a particular area of interest when it comes down to the question of how frequently these facilities should be cleaned. For a small- or medium-sized business (SMBs), a daily janitorial service should suffice. However, if you have high-traffic restrooms due to a larger staff, then this number should increase to several times a day (a minimum of once in the morning and once in the afternoon for businesses that operate during standard business hours).

A restroom is one of the dirtiest locations in an office space. In addition to some of the most obvious areas of dirtiness, such as in, on and around the toilets and urinals, a good janitorial staff also will also clean and sanitize:

  • Bathroom floors;
  • Walls of the stalls or urinal partitions;
  • Bathroom counters;
  • Sinks, faucets, and handles; and
  • Other fixtures.

They will also perform several other tasks, including:

  • Emptying all trash or other receptacle bins;
  • Refilling all toilet paper, paper towel, soap, and air freshener dispensers;
  • Checking the lights to ensure they are operational; and
  • Checking to see whether the door handles and locks are operational.

The janitorial and cleaning staff at Pro Clean is focused on providing the healthiest and cleanest facilities for our clients and the people that work at their businesses. This way, they remain healthy, productive, and focused on their jobs. We are proud of the work we do each day and are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients.

Pro Clean was the first company in Florida to achieve the CIMS-GB certification (with honors) for responsible cleaning. This means that when you partner with Pro Clean, you know that you are receiving the best possible service that also is least impactful on the environment.

Pro Clean has been green cleaning for companies in the greater Tampa and Orlando areas of Central Florida since 1989. Contact us today to speak with one of our cleaning services experts.